TPRS Socialglass

Stay near with distance

Glass as a medium for social distancing

What we need is

Distance with nearness,

Caution with compassion,

Shielding with openness!

During pandemics like the COVID-19, high infection rates are seen in crowded places and the most vulnerable are people who are in contact with many other people. When you perform your most essential duty or live your normal life, you want to be near yet with distance.

What better than glass can offer all these together giving us the strength to fight this situation and emerge stronger and more human?

TPRS cares for you

At TPRS Glass we shall do whatever it takes to safeguard you and your people. We owe this responsibility to your family and to the society. You can stay near yet safe with distance. TPRS Socialglass offers contemporary solutions that will help you normalize the life around you to a great extent amidst the need for social distancing. Though physically distanced, we are emotionally close. TPRS Socialglass helps you be near with distance.

Talk to us! We can make it more innovative too – with designs, prints, etching etc. that will add to the aesthetics, privacy, branding, strength, light transmission, and efficiency of the structure. 

Where can we use TPRS Socialglass ?



Medical Lab




What can you do with TPRS glass ?

Snapshot of how it looks


Some more design samples

Medical Lab
Table top
Medical Lab
Service counters
Medical Lab
Interactive counters
Medical Lab
Pro counters
Medical Lab
Medical Lab
Sliding counters
Medical Lab
Serial counters
Medical Lab
Medical Lab
Medical Lab
Medical Lab

Special glass for special minds

Coming to think of it, why not make social distancing more functional and fun with some special glasses for special minds!


Do you want your Socialglass to convey your brand ethos?

TPRS Innovink (Printed glasses); Frosted glasses


Do you want your Socialglass to stay almost intact even when there’s an impact?

TPRS Lamisafe (Laminated glass panes)


Do you want your Socialglass to serve as a privacy tool?

TPRS Innovink (Printed glasses); Frosted glasses


Controlled privacy and projection

Do you want your Socialglass to serve as a projection medium at times and stay clear at other times?

TPRS Wizardglass (Smart film based glasses)

Switchable glass

Thermal comfort

Do you want your Socialglass to be energy efficient and increase your thermal comfort?

TPRS Ecosafe (Insulated glass panels)


Design and colors

Do you want your Socialglass to vibrantly color your interiors or magnificently increase its aesthetics?

TPRS Lamisafe Colors (Color laminated panels), TPRS Innovink (Printed glasses) etc.


Light control

Do you want your Socialglass to give you natural light without the sun’s heat?

TPRS Ecosafe (Insulated glass panels)


Gorgeous curtain-effect

Do you want your Socialglass to serve as gorgeous curtain-partitions to also give you more shading, safety, and privacy?

TPRS Lamisafe fabric/ mesh laminated glass panels

Ultimate clarity

Do you want your Socialglass to be clearer than normal to have unobscured crystal clear views?

Extra clear glasses

Extra clear


Do you want your Socialglass to speak your mind?

TPRS Innovink (Printed glasses); Frosted glasses


Replication of any texture

Do you want your Socialglass to seamlessly depict rare and natural surfaces like marble, granite, wood etc.?

TPRS Innovink (Digitally printed glasses)


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