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We bring onto glass – what you have on mind and even beyond!

We present an elite range of finely crafted glass marvels to customize your interiors and make them aesthetically superior, energy-efficient, secure and user-friendly.


  • Digitally Printed and Ceramic Print Fritted Glass – Photo realistic images, patterns and designs
  • Switchable glass – switch between opaque and transparent views; project from the front/ rear view
  • Switchable Glass – allows you to switch between opaque and transparent views
  • Shower Cubicles, Fin Glasses & Interior and Partition glasses
  • Metallic Colours and Anti-skid Printing
  • Special Glitter Designs for logo and divine segment
  • Glass with Metallic Designs
  • Bent and any shape/ profile cut glass
  • Multi-layer Laminated Glass – Durable, Shatterproof & Safe
  • Smooth Beveled Edges
  • Customized Insulated Glass units for spider glazing, Blinds/ Louvers etc.
  • Thermal Insulation and Energy Efficiency
  • Stacked Glass
  • Colour Laminated Glass – available in transparent and translucent types
  • Frosted glasses – Patterns, Designs, Single/ Double sided

Trust TPRS to Explore Glass!

TPRS has pioneered glass designing in India in various aspects including the recent addition of World’s top-class digital printer for glass. Since the past two decades, we have always endeavored to endlessly expand our horizon. Glass can take various shapes, designs and durability levels and we make them tailored to your requirements.


  • Window Panes and Compact Louvres
  • Insulating Glass Panes
  • Decorative Elements
  • Furniture Glass
  • Table tops, doors, gates
  • Bright Messages on Glass
  • Shelves, Racks, Partitions
  • Kitchen Equipment and Cooking Range
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Stair Railings
  • Walls, Floorings, Ceilings, Roofs
  • Glass Pillars, Aquarium
  • Shower Cubicles
  • Wall Cladding and Glazing
  • Display Counters
  • Burglary Proof Glass Doors and Windows
  • Glass Domes
  • Specialty Glasses for various applications


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