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Unobstructed view with optimal #light_transmission created by #TPRS_Ecosafe insulated glazing panels using Saint-Gobain SKN 144 (Envision series – Double silver) performance glasses. 

TPRS Glass used its special #tempering know-how to provide an impeccable #visibility through the sensitive #Envision_series glass! In total, 6000 sq. meters of insulated SKN 144 panels and toughened clear glass panels.

Seamless and comfortable working experience in unparalleled office spaces!

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TPRS Socialglass

#Belgaum airport – #TPRS_Socialglass
Stay near with distance!

When the world is striving to attain normalcy and we are getting back to flying, Belgaum #airport authorities made it a point to ensure that #passengers and #staff are socially distanced with clear #visibility to each other. We shall not let social distancing affect the execution of our #responsibilities!

What better than #glass can offer us the strength to fight this situation and emerge stronger and more human?

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VR Mall


#VRChennai – Facade with TPRS Lamisafe – multi-colored ceramic printed laminated panels – Printed and processed at TPRS Glass using Saint-Gobain glass.

Inspired by historical scripts of India, the façade follows the style of a traditional Gopuram (multi-colored Temple tower).
TPRS Glass deployed its special know-how and dedication to give life to this idea through the silk-screen ceramic printed laminated panels.

The five-colored array of panels with optimal light transmission gives a glorious and magnificent view when lit up in the evenings!

TPRS Lamisafe also makes the façade durable and shatter-proof.

Trust TPRS to explore glass!

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TPRS Ecosafe energy efficient


TPRS Ecosafe - Energy efficient


Glass is one of the most environment friendly materials among other materials that you use in your buildings. Use TPRS Glass #Ecosafe glass.

Be the change TPRS Ecosafe – Thermal insulation!

By incorporating thermal insulation in every element of the thermal envelope: walls, roofs and floors, you will maintain the energy generated inside your home while improving the thermal comfort. TPRS Ecosafe gives you a range of options for thermal insulation. Energy Saving! You want to see! Conserve nature.

TPRS Ecosafe – Benefits!

• Better insulation
• Noise reduction
• Increased security
• Reduced energy bills
• Increased property value
• Reduced interior damage
• It is eco-friendly
• Little/ No condensation

TPRS Wizard glass

TPRS Wizard glass

Wizard glass

Smart glass or switchable glass or privacy glass is a glass or glazing whose light transmission properties are altered when voltage is applied. In general, the glass changes from transparent to translucent and vice versa, changing from letting light pass through to blocking some (or all) wavelengths of light and vice versa. When the electrical supply is switched on, the liquid crystal molecules align, incident light passes through and the privacy glass panel instantly clears. When the power is switched off the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented, thus scattering light and the privacy glass becomes opaque (private)