• Leading & Reputed Manufacturer of Processed Glass in India for Architectural, Automotive, Solar & Home Applications
  • Founded in 2005 and based at Pondicherry with additional manufacturing units at Dharwad (Karnataka) and Cuddalore (Tamil Nadu), India
  • Marketing Offices in Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, Karnataka & Kerala
  • Employee Strength – 550 including 100+ lady employees
  • Types of Glasses Manufactured – Tempered Glass, Heat Strengthened Glass, Heat Soaked Glass, Ceramic Printed Glass, Insulating Glass, Laminated Glass, Glazed panels, Frosted Glass & Digitally Printed Glass
  • Production Capacity – One Million Sq.Mtr + of Glass per annum


  • 4 tempering furnace lines – including a latest model 14 Fan force convection tempering furnace – Capable of processing glass of 3 mm to 22 mm, up to 4200 * 2400 mm size – 80,000 sq.mtrs + of glass per month
  • Specialised in processing high performance -Triple silver – Low-emissivity glasses
  • Laminated glass – With PVB, Sentry – Double/ Multi-layer – Bend/ Flat (12,000 sq mtrs+ of glass per month)
  • Upgraded technology with dust-free clean room (100,000 class) and auto-rewinding and motorised PVB pulling structure to protect the PVB’s quality while laying on glass
  • Insulating glass – Machine processing line (capacity up to 2000mm * 2500 mm) and manual processing for intricate shapes and designs – Step glazing and Triple glazing also available (9,000 sq mtrs+ of glass per month)
  • Robotic sealant facilities for insulating panels – ensuring smooth and aesthetically superior glazing finish
  • CNC & Waterjet cutting machines – Capable of making any internal/ external cut-out of any shape and design
  • Two ceramic screen printing lines
  • Heat soaking facility to test all glasses of a project


TPRS is the Only Indian Processor to hold the World’s prestigious (Ferro-DIPTECH Gpi) Digital Glass Printing Machine.



  • TPRS has always been ahead of the Industry in its quality focus – State of the art production facility and quality assurance equipment, Continued association and certification from reputed organisations etc.
  • TPRS has achieved significant milestones in the glass processing industry
  • First Indian glass processor to become the co-branding channel partner of Saint Gobain
  • ONLY processor in South India and one out of the 5 processors in India to have obtained the “Dow Corning” Quality Bond Certificate” for Insulating glazing applications


Our products have been tested and certified by SGRT (Structural Glass Research and Testing facility), IIT Madras.
  • In TPRS – production means “PRODUCING QUALITY PRODUCTS”
  • TPRS ensures high-class quality through “Rigorous Online Process Inspection” / “Dedicated Testing Facilities”
  • TPRS is compliant to both European Standards and Indian Standards
  • Two dedicated testing laboratories with State-of-the-art testing equipment for testing all types of
    glasses that are manufactured – Tempered, Laminated, Insulating etc.


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