Heat Strengthened Glass

Heat strengthened glass is produced when float glass panels are heated and then cooled gradually in a controlled environment. This process makes the glass stronger than annealed glass.

Since the cooling is more gradual, the stress formed in heat strengthened glass is less than that of fully tempered glass. Heat strengthened glasses are two times stronger than annealed glasses.

They break into relatively large fragments that stick to its glazing framework when broken. Heat strengthened glasses are not classified as a safety glazing material.


2 times stronger than annealed (Raw) glass of same thickness. Heat Strengthened glass is used primarily for strength and safety glass. Cutting, Drilling cannot be done after strengthened process. Breakage pattern is relatively large fragments.


Flat Heat Strengthened Glass
Maximum Size 3660 mm X 2400mm
Minimum Size 300mm X 300mm
Thickness range 3.2mm to 19mm
Colors Clear, Tinted, Reflective & Low-E
Bend Heat Strengthened Glass
Thickness Range 3.2 mm to 12mm.
Minimum size for cemetery curved glass 300mm x 400mm
Maximum size for cemetery curved glass 2400 x 2400mm.


  • Tempered Glass
  • Laminated Glass